VRP and time window

01-10-2011 12:14 PM
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I'm dealling with a VRP, with 24 orders, two depots and two routes.

The oders have diffent DeliveryQuantities and ServiceTime, and the same Start and End TimeWindows and MaxViolationTime.

The depots have no time window (start and end = null).

The routes have different capacities and the same EarliestStartTime and LatestStartTime (7:00:00 and 7:00:00).

Ten orders are coming as "unassigned", "hard time window" says.

I'm looking for a manner where the orders deliveries can span for two days or more. Any help?
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It looks like you want to deliver the orders in multiple days where routes will have the same start time (i.e. 7am everyday). And orders can be delivered within the same time windows in different day (i.e. Time Window [8am, 10am] everyday).

In this case, you can simply create another copy of your two routes and add them into the problem. You may name the original routes as �??Route A Day 1,�?� �??Route B Day 1�?� and the new copy as �??Route A Day 2�?� and �??Route B Day 2.�?� After solve, if Route A Day 2 is used, you know that delivery is going to happen in the next day by Route A.

Please let me know if this does not answer your question.


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