Vehicle Routing Problem: offset pickup against delivery

10-12-2011 12:22 AM
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another problem I have is that pickupQuantities will stay until the vehicle returns to depot, so the capacity for them is blocked.

What I want is, that I pickUp goods of all the same type. So when I pickUp some goods these also shall be delivered to the next stop.

(hierarchy: pickup before delivery)

Depot (Capacitiy: 10, Load: 0, free: 10)
Stop1 (Pickup: 5, Load: 5, free: 5)
Stop2 (deliver: 2.5, pickup: 5, Load: 7.5, free: 2,5)
Stop3 (deliver: 2.5, pickup: 5, Load: 10, free: 0)
back to Depot

Yes, it seems senseless to deliver and pickup goods of the exactly same type at the same place but:

- Imagine ever pickup&delivery stop were split in 2 stops, then evreytime one gains somethin and one spend something.
- or:  My idea is of projecting the cars mileage (is it called consumption when talking about electricity instead of gas?).
The way to every stop will increase my consumption (pickup)(when capacity is reached, the car's broken)
And at some stops I can recharge the car (delivery).

I want to find the best (cheapest, with all costs) route but the route must be traversable by e-cars (an electric car has a lower capacity but can recharge). My szenario is country use, long routes, probably many days to route.
The target is to create a special routing for e-cars (and not an economic comparison with normal cars).

So, does anyone know how to set them off or an other way to consider the mileage.
The mileage has just boolean character for finding the route, the load count itself at the and doenst matter.

Thanks for ideas and discussions!
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