Using table fields to define facility types in Location Allocation tool

10-08-2021 11:16 AM
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Wanted to post a solution I found in case it can help others.

Working in ArcGIS Pro and model builder to run Location Allocation Scenarios on multiple markets. I have a listing of seedpoints that are both Required and Candidates. When I loaded them into the location allocation tool I pointed the Facility Type to my fields that indicated "Required" or "Candidate". After running the tool, I noticed none of my "Required" sites were recognized as required.  Finally found documentation that seems to be from ArcGIS online rest points, that when using a field to determine Facility Types, "Required" needs to be coded as a 1 and "Candidate" needs to be coded as 0.  I did not see much documentation on this so I figured I would post to this message board.  Hope this is helpful.

Documentation that helped me find the solution:


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I can see how this would be confusing. The FacilityType field uses an integer domain to represent the various types of facilities. The correct documentation link for ArcGIS Pro is here:

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