Use of Closest Analysis and Service Area Analysis for multiple origins and destinations.

10-05-2017 10:49 AM
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I'm using the Network Analyst extension to get some distance between each multiple origins and each destinations using the closest facility and service area analysis. I have 2 questions relating to this:

1) I have 110 origins and 100 incidents on my layer, and I want to assess each origin's closest incidents in ArcMap using closest facility analysis.

2) I want to make each origin's service area to find how many destinations are within the service area using service area analysis.

How should I do these two work?

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I think Origin-Destination Cost Matrix would be a better tool for this job.

For 1), you can limit the number of destinations to find for each origin to 1, so that for each origin, it will effectively find the closest facility.

For 2), you can set a cutoff (similar to service area breaks), and the distance or travel time between origins and destinations will only be calculated if it is less the cutoff.  The output Lines of the OD Cost Matrix will contain one entry per origin-destination pair that was calculated, so you can just count the number of destinations found for each origin using some simple statistics on the table.

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Hi!Duhui, I hope this help you

1. You can query your solution for the "FacilityRank", number 1 is the best solution in the closest facility analysis or you can configure how much facility you need in "Advanced Setting/Facility to find" if you need the best solution, you should put the number 1.

2. When you have the last analysis, you should make service areas that you need and you have two options, select by locatión all the destination within every service area, or you could an spatial join to fill a field with service area distance or driving time. 

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