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05-07-2015 12:16 AM
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Hello all... I’m trying to analyze bike routes (based on shortest time/ ease of commuting) from sources to destinations and I’m using network analyst’s closest facility tool for the same. In the analysis I want to include slopes. Meaning if the bike path is taking a down-slope, the average speed of the commuter will increase and if it goes up-slope the average speed will be decreased by some factor. In have a contour map and have created TIN. I used the TIN to extract z values to junctions (points) and spatially joined these z values to the street data. Not sure how to proceed after this. How do I make the program identify up or down slope while deriving the shortest/easiest routes.

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If you and I are riding our bikes towards each other on a slope, one of is going uphill and the other is going downhill right?  My point being, direction of travel plays a role here as well.

Seems like there were some discussions along these lines on the old forum.  [edit]:  In fact, just to the right of this thread is a list of similar discussions including Re: Fastest biking route

That should just about do it....