Training resources for Network Analyst

04-29-2011 10:03 AM
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I've found a few resources for Network Analyst training, but not a lot. I've looked for free and fee-based training in articles, books, ESRI Training and found:

This training article by Mike Price:
He also mentions other articles in ArcUser (July-Sept 2007, Oct-Dec 2007, and Summer 2008)

ArcGIS Help Files:

This free seminar for Network Analyst 10:

There doesn't appear to be anything recent in ESRI Press or ESRI workbooks. The ESRI instructor-led Network Analyst course hasn't been updated yet for version 10 and the old one is unavailable. Do you have a book, article, or class that has been particularly helpful in becoming proficient with Network Analyst?  If so, please share.

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Thanks, Jay. Those are good exercises. I downloaded the ArcTutor data from the Customer Care site and I was in business.
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