Split a value from from polygon between points in another shapefile

07-08-2019 08:02 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have a set of facilities and using network analyst I have created some drive-time polygons.  These facilities represent collection points.  I want to assume that all the households within the drive-time polygons deposit an equal amount at the collection point facilities, and add this value to the attributes of each household, e.g.

There are 200 households within 20 min drive of Collection Point A and there are other 800 households within a 20 min drive of Collection Point B.

Collection Point A has 200 tonnes, so each household deposits 1 tonne each.

Collection Point B has 400 tonnes, so each household deposits 1/2 tonne each.

Is there a way I can calculate this tonnage per household to the attributes table of my household point shape file automatically? In reality I have thousands of households and numerous collection points.

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