Shortest Path Problem

06-07-2015 02:12 PM
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My graduation project is a website that depends on the idea of calculating the shortest path between 2 points. so I am looking for the interfaces and steps to follow to get this shortest path in terms of points but unfortunately i did not find anything .  

Can anyone kindly help me with this issue ?

Thanks in advance.

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And to add another possibility to calculate the shortest path between two points (in raster format) : Creating the least-cost path—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

If that is the case you should move the question to Spatial Analyst to get more replies.

At this moment you posted this question in 3 different places:

  • GeoNet Help (which is for Help on using GeoNet)
  • Developers
  • Education

There could be a lot of "true" answers if you don't specify better what it is you have, what you want to obtain and version of software, etc. And please don't cross post the same question in multiple places. The GeoNet Community Structure can be helpful to determine the most appropriate place to post you question.

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Did this poster originally cross-post? From where I'm sitting it looks like the post was shared in several places, which, although the places maybe not the most appropriate, I thought was the acceptable method to a question in more than one place.

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