Shortest Path Algorithm takes U-turn at 3-way Stop signals

02-15-2011 09:10 AM
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I have run the shortest Path Algorithm in Network Analyst for trash pickup and selected "U-turn at intersection and dead-ends" which is required but I don't want it to take U-turn on 3-ways stop junctions. What can I do to avoid this?

Also, I wanted to know how can I put truck height restrictions. I am using network dataset provided by ESRI.

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U-Turns at three way junctions are rare and can happen when there are one-way streets, and side of street/curb approach set to right or left side. So can you choose the U-Turns Not Allowed option and re-route? If that is not a possibility then you will have a edit the network dataset and add a turn restriction at that location.

For using truck height restrictions, you will have to add a parameterized evaluator that you can set at solve time with the truck height and then that is evaluated at run time to restrict portions of the network based on the height. You can read more on that here:

Jay Sandhu
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