Route segment validation against the width, length, height and width restrictions

10-18-2012 04:26 PM
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Hello All,

    We have automated routing solution for the over size and over weight vehicles which have the following functionality:
Take input stops/locations with origin, via location and destination and generates a route as well as validate all the route segment against the different types of restriction on major highway system like Width, Height, Length and Weight restrictions.

   We don't want system to generate a route, we just want it to validate the route that user is specifying, User might give the whole input route as a input like this:  Starting at US-75 and M-23 intersection going on US-75 then going on M-46 then going on M-53 ending at M-53, Bad Axe City.

So now we have the whole poly line segment of the route, we are looking for the best possible solution to this problem, We want to see how best it is possible with the ESRI tools and geoprocessing tools ?

      Any confusion or not clear on questions please let me know i can explain it more.

Any help will be really helpful for us.

Lala Rabari
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