Route planning with distance constraint in ArcGIS Online

11-18-2019 10:43 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have a set of origins and destinations and various stops in between. My job is to create optimum routes so that all stops are covered. There are some constraints though. Each route should not have more than 15 stops and should not be more than 20 miles. 

I used Plan Routes Analysis option in ArcGIS Online. I have options to restrict time and number of stops but not distance. The priority has to be given to distance travelled by each vehicle in my project. Any ideas and suggestions will help. Thanks a lot in advance

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The only other route limiting parameter that Plan Routes has is the total time for the route. You might be able to limit things using that as an approximation but that would probably take a lot of trial and error to get a distance constrained problem.

The better option is to switch to using the full Vehicle Routing Problem solver. This allows the routes to be constrained by distance directly. You can still access this through your ArcGIS Online account but instead of using the Plan Routes tool, you make a REST Request. This tutorial should help you get started with it. Route multiple vehicles | ArcGIS for Developers 

by Anonymous User
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Thank you so much for the reply. That really helps. I have ArcGIS Pro license and am trying to solve it using the VRP solver.

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