Project Network Dataset from GK4 to WGS84 WebMercartor

02-26-2014 12:48 AM
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i want to project a network dataset from GK4 (Germany EPSG: 31468) to WGS84 Web Mercartor (EPSG: 3857). But every time i'm running the project tool, i get the following error:
ERROR 000210: Cannot create output ...\Multinet_3857
The spatial references do not match
Failed to execute (Project)
The error message i'm getting is quite weird, of course the spatial reference do not match. because of this i do a projection. i'm sure i did everything right by selecting the output crs and defining the Geographic Transformation (DHDN_TO_WGS_1984_3x). Multinet_3857 should be the new projected Feature Dataset which contains all of the network dataset classes. Input was the existing feature dataset in GK4.

I also tried projecting each feature class in the feature datasat for its own but there i'm getting errors too. to avoid this errors i need to project the whole feature dataset, but that's not working either.

Does someone know what i have to do to project a network dataset. i'm using arcgis 10.2 (network analyst extension enabled).

Thanks for your answers.

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