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Polygon barriers not working for service area analysis

04-07-2022 08:44 PM
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by MVP Regular Contributor
MVP Regular Contributor


I am trying do an service area analysis for the dots in the map with polygon barriers as shown above. but the barriers are ignored for the area analysis. same polygon barriers work for the routing analysis.

but it works for the service area analysis in ArcMap 10.8 !  I know the facilities and the polygons are different, they are from the same data source, only different selection of points and polygons. 


Is it a bug for ArcGIS Pro? I am using ArcGIS Pro 1.9.2.


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Esri Regular Contributor

Is "ArcGIS Pro 1.9.2" a typo?  I presume you mean 2.9.2?

Could you please provide more details about the problem you're experiencing?  How do you know that the barriers aren't being used?  Can you post a screenshot?  Are you using a Service Area layer in the UI, and what polygon settings are you using?

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