Performance of Network Analyst in different geodatabases

11-23-2011 10:06 PM
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Anybody who can tell which geodatabase type is the fastest (based on tests or experienced use with same dataset and analyses)? Personal gdb, File gdb or SDE gdb? Talking Single user. says all geodatabases have High performance, but I think there should be differences between these database formats regarding performance.

Greatfull for your knowledge
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Esri Regular Contributor
Generally speaking, for solving routing problems, a file geodatabase network dataset will have the best performance.
You should also look into the gp tool DissolveNetwork to make a better performing network dataset.
Jay Sandhu
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Agreed with Jay. File geodatabase shown best performance when solving routing tasks. The GP tool Jay mentioned is incredible: the storage of the data was optimized (I have succeeded compacting my street layer from 1GB to 300MB) and the actual time required for solving has decreased (what I've seen is up to 20% less).

I have used to use the Compress File Geodatabase tool as well - It makes it possible to optimize the geodatabase storage (my geodatabases with street vector data become like 3 times smaller) and I have not noticed any degradation for the actual routing performance.

Jay, compressing a file geodb does not impact the routing performance negatively, doesn't it?
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