Origins and Destinations not Allocated in the online OD Cost Matrix

02-13-2019 11:11 PM
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I have 100 credits on my arcgis online account and I understand that when I run OD cost matrix under "Ready to Use Tools" in the Analysis tab, it will cost .0005 credits per origin-destination pair.
I have 568 cities represented as points and  tried to use this tool to generate travel distance in minutes and kilometers among cities. The points were generated by getting the polygon centroids. I have snapped the points to an OSM road network shapefile which I have locally.
I tried to run the OD Cost Matrix under "Ready to Use Tools" which I understand will use ESRI's own network service. My problem now is that almost 90% of my points were not allocated. I believe that the reason behind this is that my points do not fall within ESRI's road network. There is also no option in the OD Cost Matrix online tool for the search or snapping tolerance. I even tried to adjust the points manually to the road networks on the basemap but to no avail.
I am also thinking if it is because of my limited online credits because 568 points has a permutation of 322,624 (city combinations) which is equivalent to 161.312 credits? Should it give a warning message that I do not have enough credits to run the tool instead of giving an error that n number of origin and destination points were not allocated? 
I am weighing if it is worth it to purchase more online credits if the latter is the reason behind the error. Otherwise, if the error is because the points do not snap to ESRI's own network service, how do I go about it?
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Hello Daisy,

   The OD Cost matrix service does not expose the search tolerance as a parameter. It uses a value of 20 Kilometers. So it will try to locate your inputs up to 20 Kilometers and then mark them as un-located.

For the service, we calculate the number of origin destination pairs for credit deduction using the following formula

(origin_count - unlocated_origin_count) * (destination_count - unlocated_destination_count)

So if most of your inputs were not located on the street network by the service, you should not have been charged credits for them. Can you send me the 568 input points you are using for your workflow? I would like to check how the credit deduction is working for these particular inputs.


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