Oneway roads in OSM data

01-09-2013 09:15 AM
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Hello all,

I've run into an issue using OSM (open street map) data.  I understand this just may be the nature of the beast and not really fixable.  My problem is this.  I've built a network dataset based off of OSM data.  It works fine except when using a one-way restriction.  I've found that some of the roads are digitized in the wrong direction therefor throwing off the one-way restriction.  My question is this, is it possible to detect where I have one-way roads driving into each other and fix them automatically.  Even selecting the two roads where this is happening would be a huge help.  This is a rather large road data-set and searching manually through the entire area is less than desirable.

Thanks for any input
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a follow up to my question:

Using the "Feature vertices to points tool" and dropping a point at the end of each line. Then using the identify duplicate tool to see where to points were dropped at the same place I've been able to identify where to roads have been drawn facing each other.  The only problem with doing this is it produces a lot of false positives.  For example an on ramp and a highway.  Any thoughts on how to distinguish between two roads colliding and two roads simply merging together?
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