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Hi there!
(Please excuse my bad english. Thx.)

I got a problem using network analyst (arcmap 10.1). I want to build an street-network and want to use oneway-restrictions. The oneways are selectet by 0 or 1. Im only able to avoid using them or ignoring the restrictions, but I want to use them in one direction. How can I do this and what options do I have to use?

Thanks a lot
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Hello fellow geographer,

There is a short video in the Network Analyst video series that explains how to properly set up one-way streets. Watching that is probably the easiest way to learn, as long as the language isn't much of a barrier. The video shows how to use TF and FT as field values instead of 0 and 1, but I hope you will be able to look at the examples and make the proper configuration choices in the evaluator you set up to reference zeros and ones.

You can also download the Network Analyst tutorial data from The network datasets in there have one-way street restrictions you can reference.

The main thing to know is modeling one-way streets is done by specifying which direction of travel isn't allowed.

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I haven't looked at the video nor the sample data, but I have been using one way restrictions for a number of years for 911 dispatch.  Simply giving a value of 1 or 0, which I suspect means oneway-yes or oneway- no, isn't enough.  You'll need three values; one to indicate no restriction and two others to indicate which restriction relative to polyline direction is in place. By polyline direction I mean from to nodes.

This has been discussed a number of times in the forum. Search on oneway restrictions and you'll get more details.
That should just about do it....
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