One Way Streets Help - LBRS Cardinal

02-04-2015 11:23 AM
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I am working with LBRS (LOCATION BASED RESPONSE SYSTEM) centerline data from the State of Ohio (PDF ). The current data that I have has no information for segments that are one way (i.e. FT, TF). The system uses a field call "CARDINAL" for all street segments which has two indications ('C' for cardinal and 'N' for non cardinal) and another field call "DIR_TRAV" which has three indications ('B' for Bidirectional, 'F' for One Way Cardinal, and 'T' for One Way Non Cardinal).


Here is the issue, there is no data populated for DIR_TRAV at this point. All of the street segments for divided roadways all go in the same direction.


Maybe this is an issue that will take more time to resolve until the data has been completed at the county level.



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