OD Cost Matrix (Students to School)

10-14-2014 06:25 PM
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Hi all, I have a network dataset and student (multiple points) and school (single point) locations. The students are travelling down the network just fine, but the school (centroid) is not on the network and so seeks the one closest link to the network.


The problem occurs with students who are very close to the school, but on the opposite side from where it links to the network. For example, student A lives close to the school, but on the west side, and the network only connects to the school on the East side. Therefore, student A is routed all the way around the school when their actual journey is much shorter.


The question is whether I can ask the OD cost matrix to find the shortest total length from each origin to the school (via any connection to the network, not just the shortest).


Thanks. G

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