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no features were found within the extent of the network dataset

02-27-2012 12:12 PM
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I'm trying to create a new network dataset via ArcCatalog in a SDE database. I've imported a street feature class into my dataset, go to create the network dataset with all the default options. After I hit go, it spins for a minute then comes back saying the creation is complete, but that "the new network dataset has been created no features were found within the extent of the network dataset."

What causes this and how do I resolve? Thanks.
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Seems as if there is something wrong with the spatial reference or the extent of your source feature class.

Could you please try the following:

1) Create a new feature dataset in your ArcSDE geodatabase. When asked for a coordinate system, choose Import and browse to source streets feature class.
2) Use the Feature class to Feature class GP tool (Conversion toolbox) to import the data into the newly created feature dataset.
3) Create a new network dataset based on this feature class.

What is the spatial reference of your feature class? Your feature dataset? Is your streets feature class properly projected? Does it have a valid geographic extent?

Here are the pages for setting proper XY extent for the feature dataset in case you want to read a bit about this:

If you will see that there is anything wrong with XY domain of the feature dataset, so your streets features are not within it, do come back and will try to figure out how to fix this.
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