No Destination for Origin is there a fix

07-27-2012 11:04 AM
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I have a database of 1690 origins. OC cost matrix locates all of the origins and destination. When I run the cost Matrix it tells me that it can not find the destinations for 4 of the origins. I am using ESRI street maps. The origins for other nearby addresses are fine, these addresses are in a downtown area. I can see the street on the screen right in front of the address. Increasing the the radius for connecting to the street in frond of the address does not help. It almost feels like something is missing from street maps. Any idea how to fix this.
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It is likely that the four destinations are on restricted edges. You could bring up the properties of the OD layer and on the Network Locations tab at the very bottom turn on the "Exclude restricted portions of the network". Click OK. Now, in the NA Window, right-click the Destination and choose Recalculate Location fields and then choose unlocated ( I am assuming that you have four destinations with this status). If not, you could choose All.

Re-solve. If it still cannot find paths to these locations, try turning of all the restrictions and see if that will work.

Jay Sandhu
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