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Network Dataset not able to solve routes

04-02-2019 07:45 PM
New Contributor III

Hi,  I'm new to network analyst and cannot for the life of me figure this out.  I am trying to solve some routes.  I have all the stops digitized and attributed with time, stop number, and route ID's.  I created a network dataset using Esri's North America Detailed Streets and was able to load my stop locations and solve all the routes with no issues.  

For my analysis I need to use a different road base so the calculated routes use that geometry instead of Esri's.  Here's a link to the road network in question if you are interested: 

After creating a network dataset from the layer above, I cannot solve for any of the routes. The only time I can see some results are if I move two stops right next to each other on the same line segment not separated by any junctions.  I have tried connections with all vertices and only endpoints. The dataset does not have any directionality attributes-i.e. Oneway or FT-TF, etc. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on what else I need to check or include? Any information would be greatly appreciated as I haven't had much luck with the google.

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Looks like you have a connectivity issue with your new network dataset. You can use the network identify tool to see if that is the problem. This tool is on the network analyst toolbar towards second from the right. Add the network dataset to map and then use the tool to click on any edge. Is it connected to any other edge? Are the cost values ok? Perhaps that will tell you what the problem may be.

Jay Sandhu

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