Network Dataset Help - please

11-04-2011 05:04 AM
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I need to find the mileage for over a million sets of points in the US. I need a network dataset of eSRI street data. I put the sdc street data into a geodatabase feature class (almost 8 gigs!).


Do I need a network dataset, - can I find the mileage between the sets of points, using sdc street data without creating a network dataset?  (I read somewhere this can be done, if so How?? the Network analyst is greyed out until I have a nd in the map!)

Do I need this data in a feature class to create the network dataset?

Can I create a network dataset from the sdc layer? again, how to do this if it's possible?

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The SDC Streetmap product is ready for routing with Network Dataset. You do not have to put this into a file geodatabase. In ArcMap, catalog window or add data, navigate to the streetmap folder and you should see a "street" network dataset that you can add to ArcMap. In case you are having trouble finding this, look for the file in windows explorer. That is what ArcMap needs to locate and add to table of contents but it will show up with a nice network icon next to in int catalog.
Also, make sure the Network Analyst extension is turned on (from Customize menu) and add the network analyst toolbar. Now the solvers will not be grayed out.

Jay Sandhu
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Thanks Jay! I discovered that I needed to load the network dataset direclty from the disk, rather than from our network. Much appreciated! 🙂
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