Network Dataset Creation Error

09-17-2013 07:40 PM
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I am having difficulties creating a network dataset. I have watched 3 ESRI videos on how to create them and worked the tutorials and it works fine; however, when I translate it to my own dataset I get an error.

Here are my steps

Open ArcMap, open ArcCatalog, navigate to my folder location, right click roads.shp, click new network dataset
name the dataset, global turns, check connectivity, yes use elevation fields and they correspond to the fields in my data set
attributes for the network dataset are oneway and length by default. Length is in feet, I change it to miles. I open the evaluator and change it from shape to length which is the reference field in my dataset
I add a new attribute called Minutes, the unit changes to minutes, I open the evaluator change it to field and put in an expression of [length] \ [speed] * 60. all of which are in my dataset.
I don't need driving directions so I click no

The summary looks good and I click yes to build it now. I runs for about 15 seconds and gives me an error which is attached. I have disabled antivirus I have 50 GB of disk space on a Windows 7 64 bit, 8 GB RAM SSD HD machine.

I have watched the Matt Croweder and Alan Hatakeyama video so many times I feel like we are good friends.

Thanks for any help
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