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07-03-2020 01:39 PM
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Hello I am doing my homework of traveling salesman problem but in my network there is one particular spot that is not reached by network analysis Idid so much things but the route is did not use this particular spot.

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Any build errors?

Network dataset build errors—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

a break in the road network?

site too far from the network to be found?

turn restrictions make it impossible to reach?

I would check the first two and perform a network analysis close to that 1 site to ensure it can be reached from a nearby startpoint

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In addition to what Dan suggests, you can do a service area from that location. Make sure to turn on the lines option and do a 15 minute service area. It might show the problem (disconnected or restricted edges). You can also use the Network Identify from the NA toolbar to examine the connectivity in that area (especially after the service area) figure out the connectivity issues in your network.

Jay Sandhu