Network Analyst (VRP): DeliveryQuantities vs. PickupQuantities

10-10-2011 03:39 AM
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I am going to make an Routesolving with capacities. For this I take the Vehicle Routing Problem.
Now I ask myself what the difference is between a DeliveryQuantity and a PickupQuantitiy (scroll down to Fields of Orders).

Any explanation would be very nice. Thanks!

I think a brainwave brought the solution.
DeliveryQuantity is what I bring the Order (so totalLoad increases by deliveryquantity) while pickup decreases it because the order gave me some load.
Thank you for still listening. (Didnt found button to delete this topic)
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Glad you figured it out!

By the way, there is a forum dedicated to Network Analyst. So please post your questions there for faster response!

Jay Sandhu
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