Network Analyst - Street Intersection Attribution

05-26-2010 04:49 AM
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Hey Everyone,

Thanks in advance for any help. Here's my situation. I used network analyst to develop a street network. This process created a network junction feature class. What I want to do is use this junction feature class as my intersection feature class. The main reason for this is that the junctions are automatically generated when the network is rebuilt - this eleviates the process of manually having to create the intersection point.

The problem that I am having is that I cannot add custom attribution to the junction feature class. I would really like to add attribution for participating streets and traffic control devices. Does anyone know if this is possible? When I try to add attribution to the network junciton FC, I get the error message "Failed to add one of the spedified fields. System managed tables can not be modified."

One appraoch that I have been considering would be to generate a non-spatial table to house the custom attribution and utilize a spatial view on the database end to create a new "Intersection" feature class. This would utilize the auto-generated junction geometry and allow for custom attribution.

Any advice would be great!
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You could always export your current system junction feature class to another new feature class, then delete your existing network dataset (which would delete the original system junction feature class as well), and rebuild it using your new point feature class as a custom junction feature class. This would allow you to keep the original point data as a single junction feature class, but would also allow you the flexibility to add new fields, etc. to your custom junction feature class (since the network dataset would not manage your new custom junction feature class as a "system junction" class; you would be allowed to edit it as you see fit). Does this make sense?
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Thanks Michael,

I think I'm looking for something that isn't possible. I want the flexibility of not having the intersections managed by the network (aka custom fields) but also want them to be managed to ensure that they are automatically created/moved when edits are made to the network.

Thanks again though Michael
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