Network Analyst  Vehicle Routing Problem help !!!!!!!!

04-26-2010 12:06 PM
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Could someone please help.  I am trying to solve a Vehicle Routing Problem for over 5k orders with 2 depots.   I need to plan the routes for our Field Inspectors but, it just keeps failing to solve.  I tried to select 1000 orders at a time but still wont work. 
I really appreciate any input.

Thanks and please let me know
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5000 may be too many points to route at one go. But 1000 should have worked.
Perhaps you can give some more information about the machine/memory available
and more information on the settings of the VRP layer settings such as how many routes are set, etc.

Jay Sandhu
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I was able to solve VRP by breaking the orders into several groups and then dividing the total orders by the number of visits an inspector can do in each day to get the total routes.  This seems to work fine now.  Also, I checked to use Hierarchy and that may have helpled also

Thanks to Na An for helping me with this issue.
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