Network Analyst, multimodal network

05-12-2014 01:47 AM
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I have a question about start and end point in network analyst. I have a multimodal net with streets (lines), buslines (lines) and busstops (points). When I calculate the Closest Facilities the start snapps on a busline or street, but not on an busstop. How can I configurate the net, that the startpoint is only on the street (line) or a busstop (point)? What ist the best way? Shoud I do that with hirarchy, Z-coordiantes, restrictions? Other suggestions?
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In your Closest Facility Layer properties, go to the Network Locations tab.  In the section on the bottom called Finding Network Locations, you can choose which of your source features can have points located on them by using the check boxes.  You'll want to configure these settings the way you want them before you load your incidents and facilities.  See for more information about network locations and how to use the settings I mentioned.
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