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08-16-2016 10:54 AM
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Network Analyst - I have a table of data with coordinates of the beginning point of a line and coordinates of the ending point of the same line. I'd like to load each set of coordinates for the Facilities and Incidents respectively. I've not found a way to load these features based on coordinates.

I want to route each table record as an entity of its own (from/to) so I can get a routing of each line. And if this is possible, can the data be loaded from a file or does it need to be a dataset? With the coordinates I would think either would work? I've attached a file sample.

Suggestions? All will be greatly appreciated.

🙂 bap

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Hello, bap.  Add/load locations needs a feature class or layer.  It can't ingest the xy coordinates directly from a CSV file.  You can turn your CSV into a feature class or layer as follows:

1) In ArcMap, go to File -> Add Data -> Add XY Data

2) Use the Make XY Event Layer tool

I didn't quite follow the rest of your question, but if you want a unique route between each pair of points, you can use the RouteName field in the Route's Stops sublayer to define which stops belong to the same route.  So, if you have 10 pairs of points, and you want 10 routes, one for each pair, just give each pair a unique RouteName.  You can do this automatically using Field Mapping in the Add Locations tool (or Load Locations dialog - it's the same thing) if you have a field in the input data that uniquely identifies each pair of points.

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