Network Analyst, Elevation values, and Mulitpart feature classes oh my...

07-21-2011 09:41 AM
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I have a dataset that contains multipart features (most frequently for major highways, but also present through out much of the dataset).  The roads also have fields (short integer) for oneway and elevation (1,2,3).  Because end-end point connectivity is used to model when using elevation values, I can't get the network to function properly. I have applied the multipart to single part tool on the dataset which eliminates the multipart issue, however, this doesn't solve the end-end point problem. I have run feature to line tool to split the lines where roads intersect and then I can build the network with elevation value and it mostly works, however this splitting creates chaos in many areas, particularly around on/off ramp interchanges.  Aside from manually going in to these areas and re-attributing lines, is there another tool I could use? Has anyone else experienced issues with elevation values and multipart roads?

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