NA Campus directions not returning turn data (works in Desktop)?

02-12-2013 07:04 AM
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I have been working with the information discussed in this thread: and so far most of it has proved quite helpful. However I have been noticing something that I cannot figure out. I noticed the problem on a larger scale, so I have provided an example size version of the problem below.

Basically, I've noticed that when I run the directions in Desktop it will give me something to the likes of this:

Begin route Graphic Pick 1 - Graphic Pick 2

1: Start at Graphic Pick 1

2: Go north on Hallway
Drive 33.1 ft

3: Turn right to stay on Hallway
Drive 39.6 ft

4: Turn left to stay on Hallway
Drive 39.9 ft

5: Finish at Graphic Pick 2, on the right

Driving distance: 112.6 ft

End of route Graphic Pick 1 - Graphic Pick 2

Each turn is indicated (turn left, turn right, etc).

However, when I return the NA Campus directions, this is just written as "go forward". As you can see from the attached photo, it is definitely not just a straight line. The NA Campus output looks like this:

Begin route Graphic Pick 1 - Graphic Pick 2

1: Start at Graphic Pick 1

2: Go forward through Hallway
Drive 112.6 ft

3: Finish at Graphic Pick 2, on the right

Walking distance: 112.6 ft

End of route Graphic Pick 1 - Graphic Pick 2

These routes are attributed with a RoadClass value of 10. It appears that if a edge changes the "Name" value, it will return a turn direction, but if the name value is the same (ie. Hallway in this case) it will simply say to go forward, no matter how many turns.

A graphic of the route used here is attached below.

I have been successful in getting other portions of the network to work, but I cannot figure out why this is happening. My network is much too large (university campus exterior and interior walks) to create individual turn features, and I have seen the NA Campus return an actual  turn-by-turn direction.



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Update: I have tested with putting in features attributed with RoadClass values of 11 and it still returns the same type of directions as listed above when using the NA Campus style. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?
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For any interested parties, in order for NA Campus directions to output suitable directions as of 10.1, junctions must be connected with a line feature containing the RoadClass 11 attribute. This feature must have an arc (not bezier, just multiple points, not in a straight row).
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I am having the same issue. I tried what you said to do above, but I havent been successful in my attempts. I have the junctions in my network, but I am routing withing multiple levels in a building. I have the correct RoadClass attributes associated, but I havent seen any differences in giving turn directions. What do you mean by "this feature must have an arc? - maybe that is my issue.



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