MultiModal Network

03-02-2011 07:54 AM
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I'm creating a multimodal network dataset. It uses forest service roads, forest service ATV trials and forest service hiking trails (Non-motorized). Some of the ATV trails share the same line segment with the forest service roads (You can drive both a truck or a ATV on the same road). On these dual purpose roads/ATV trails I want to create a hierarchy evaluator that says when finding the best Route on these dual purpose roads use the cost attributes in the Forest service roads layer. Meaning the speed or cost of driving a truck is faster then driving a ATV.

Hierarchy would go as followed when running a route USE forest service roads first (Truck) then forest service ATV trails and the last option would be to use the forest service hiking trails.

When transitioning from a road to a ATV trail is there anyway your route analysis will tell you that you made that transition?
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