Multimodal Network -- Creating Transfer Penalties?

07-05-2012 10:01 AM
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Hi There,

I am building a network with several bus lines.  My main goal is to create an OD Cost Matrix.

I have created the following layers:
Bus Routes (each route has its own layer)
Transfer Points
Links from Origins to nearby Transfer Points

The bus routes I am using have been separated so that each bus route is its own layer and in its own connectivity group within the network. The transfer points are in all connectivity groups, connecting all bus lines.
What I would like to achieve is a network in which route cost is calculated by travel time (in minutes).  The cost must include a 15 minute penalty for each transfer, which will obviously influence the chosen route. 
I have managed to give the transfer points a cost value, but the problem is that the route picks up all of the transfer points en route, rather than picking up a penalty if and only if a transfer is actually made.

I was thinking of solving this by creating a turns feature, instead of a transfer point layer.  But I have no idea how to create a turns feature.

Any ideas on how to approach this issue would be very helpful.


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Hello Michelle.  Were you ever able to create your multimodal network dataset with transfer penalties? I just wanted to let you know about a new prototype tool from Esri's Network Analyst team which allows you to add GTFS public transit data directly to a network dataset. You can use this network dataset with the Network Analyst tools to run time-aware analyses that incorporate the transit schedules.  It is possible using this method to incur transfer penalties.
You can download the toolset and instructions here:
Please do not hesitate to contact me at with questions or comments about this toolset.
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