Location-Allocation -Target Market Share - facility and demand weighting

05-02-2018 04:30 AM
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Hi Guys


Just trying to understand Loc-Alloc in latest arcgis Pro with the esri training Tutorial  (finding-the-optimal-location-of-facilities-using-arcgis-pro).


In using the hospital exercise, I am trying to adjust the results in "Target Market Share" using the "Attractiveness" Weighting scores in the facilities.

That is: adjust weighting to allocate demand to biggest/attractive facilities (within reason)

The results don't look like "attractiveness weight" (1-5 ranking for 22 records) have much impact...after many trials

Just wondering if there is some description or formula for the facility-weighting vs. demand-weighting and distance settings?


Any help will be greatly appreciated. Regards

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