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10-19-2012 08:19 AM
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Hello everybody!

I'm trying to solve an optimization problem with Network Analyst. That problem consist in minimizing the cost of supplying electricity from a transformer to the consumers, considering the street layout. That involves selecting the cheapest transformer that is able to supply the power needed, selecting the cheapest electrical conductor that bears the current that flows through it, and selecting the minimum spanning tree between transformer and consumers
I've been studying Closest Facility (CF) and Location - Allocation (L-A), but both won't help me: Neither of them have the option of setting a maximum capacity for facilities.
Am I trying to use the wrong extension to solve my problem? I tried to use Geometric Network, but they won't help me neither, cause their tools are helpful for analysis, not for planning.
What would you recommend me?

Thank you!
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Location-allocation in ArcGIS 10.1 can honor capacity with the Maximize Capacitated Coverage problem type. See here for more info:

If you have a previous version, then location-allocation did not have a way to honor capacity of your facilities. In that case you use the following tools to solve the capacitated Allocation problems:


Jay Sandhu
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