joining junctions with information on the connecting edges

02-16-2012 09:38 AM
New Contributor

I need to find several things about my junctions and add that info as columns in the junctions table.

One of them is the number of edges a junction connects to. From reading around I figured that there is a way to query the network dataset about that information but only programatically. Is that correct? In this case, I can work around this by doing a spatial join between my junctions and my edges and I get a count column which is what I want.

The other thing is more problematic. I would like to have information about the class of edges a junction is connected to. Class is a column in my edges table. The only way to do this I can think would be to encode my classes as powers of 10 (residential = 1, secondary=10, major = 100, motorway = 1000, ...) and do a sum in the join so that if a junction connects to two secondary and a residential it would return 21 and I can also work the thing backwards (since there is a maximum of 8 edges connected to a junction).
Is there a simpler way of doing this?


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