Issues with editing and building Network Datasets

03-26-2012 06:28 AM
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We've built a Nework Dataset (ND) based on a road feature class in order tu pursue Network Analysis on it.
As clearly stated in Arcgis desktop Help everytime a user make an edit on a versioned feature class participating in a ND, a dirty area is subsequently generated,
and that area is cleaned up when building de Netowork connectivity.
We've had issues with editing the road fields specifically in those 'dirty areas' generated in previous editing sessions, and it has not been posible to build the net in order to clear them (screenshots attached). We've solved the problem once by unversioning and re-versioning the dataset, but then that implies dealing with backupping and restoring the feature dataset archive.
The question is, is it necessary to build the network everytime an edit is made to the feature class, or at least with more frecuency than one time per month for example? Would that prevent us from having problems with editing ,connectivity and versioning?

Any reply will be much appreciated.

Santiago Seppi
GeoDBA at Pan American Energy (Argentina)
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