Is there a limit to number of stop locations I can import for generating a route?

05-23-2018 01:35 PM
Esri Contributor

This is for a trash routing problem for a City.

Thanks in advance!

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Generally there are no limits to how many stops that can be loaded into a route layer and then solved in the order you load them. But there are going to be practical limits IF you are trying to optimize or find best way to visit them with the Reorder Stops To Find Optimal Route option. Generally you want to cluster/divide points into manageable sets and then find the best way to visit them. For that, I would suggest using the Vehicle Routing Problem Solver instead of the Route solver for delivery routes. You can specify vehicle and capacities, etc.

But I want to caution you that if you are trying to optimize residential trash pick up, then the best way to solve that kind of problem is with a different type of solver (Chinese postman problem or arc routing). We do not have a solution for that. The VRP can be a substitute but may not be best for your needs.

Jay Sandhu

Esri Contributor

Thank you Jay, for this detailed response, much appreciated. -- Shelby

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