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I am looking for help finding the Z_Max & Z_Min for multiple routes

09-29-2015 05:47 PM
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Looking for help on locating the Z_max and the Z_min for over 2,000 routes. I have used the Add Surface Information Tool and have the information embedded within the route. What I need to do is show a point for the MAX and MIN location along each route. I have generated points for all the routes using the Feature Vertices to Points and adding the Z value to them. I am having a problem quickly pulling out the Min/Max for each route. Is there an easy way to select the routeID and the min & Max for each?

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Are you talking about the Network Analyst? if so, you may want to move this thread there to solicit responses from those that follow that Place.  Gis Discussions might miss those in the know.

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If you have got the vertices as points and their Z values. Why not summarise these (Analysis / Summary Statistics) using the RouteID as the case, and minZ, MaxZ as the statistics. Then join the resultant table back to your polyline routes.

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