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How to solve wrong endpoints?

05-29-2019 01:15 AM
New Contributor

Hello everyone,

I wonder if anyone can help me with my problem. I am trying to create a Network Dataset from my road dataset (roads.shp /line/). The dataset has a precisely processed geometry and also topology of dataset is perfectly fine (Network Dataset from this input is absolutely correct with 'End Point' connectivity policy). Unfortunetly, I can not work with this original dataset, I need to do some changes. I need to join (spatial join) some attributes from another two line datasets and one point dataset. And also I need to create intersect with polygon dataset (inter.shp /line/), then make erase based on these polygons (erase.shp /line/) and finally I merged these two datasets (inter.shp + erase.shp = MergeRoads.shp). After this procedure my geometry was changed. In the step, when I created new data of intersect lines (inter.shp), GIS creates new endpoints of line segments in the new layer (inter.shp). But I don't know why, because it created "wrong" endpoints and I only create intersect of original line dataset (road.shp) and polygon dataset.

Then when I created ND from new dataset (MergeRoads.shp), It created junctions on wrong places (of course i set 'End Point' connectivity policy).

line segment, geometry, verte, vertex


line segment, geometry, verte, vertex

Note: polygon doesn't cross the line layer in this place.

I am new in Network Analyst. Used application ArcMap 10.4.

Thank you for every advice


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