How to solve facility location and transportation problem combined?

03-13-2022 06:18 AM
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Hi.  We are 2 masterstudents, trying to solve a combination of a location problem and a transport problem. We are using the build in network analyst tools in Arcgis Pro.   But we have not figured out how to combine this problem.  We want to choose the optimal location of a warehouse with minimizing the transport cost to the demand points, by choosing between different transportation types(train, ship and car)  Does anyone have any tips for us?

Thank you in advance!

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You can compute the cost or distance between the candidate warehouse locations and the demand points for each of the travel modes and then come up with a way to combine the results for your purpose. The OD Cost Matrix solver can be used for computing the cost matrix.

You can use the Location-Allocation solver to solve for optimal locations based on each of the three travel modes and then evaluate the results to see which gives overall minimum solution.

Jay Sandhu