How to merge polygons without changing size(ha) calculation/ calculate density per urban green space/ etc?

12-16-2019 10:07 AM
by Anonymous User
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I'm doing a spatial analysis of areas that need more green space in order to meet certain criteria:

- at least 1 x 2ha in size, less than 300m from home

- at least 1 x 20ha site within 20km from home

- 1 x 100ha site within 5km from home

- 1 x 500ha site within 10km from home

- minimum 1 local nature reserve per thousand population


I have all the shape files for the green space, road networks, population per area (census data) (has raster and vector merged with the area polygons)


So I have a few Q's:

1. What's the best tool to use to integrate overlapping polygons accurately so that you can still calculate correct size(ha) (i have some green space polygons from different sources that overlap that I want to merge)

2. How on earth do I determine the criteria: minimum 1 local nature reserve per thousand population? kernel density? just not sure how to use that tool (still very much a GIS newbie)


Thank you!

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