How can I model historical traffic data using AADT or TrafficMetrix for a given year(s)?

07-13-2018 11:59 AM
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Are there any tools in network analyst or any other toolset that would allow me to pull in historic traffic data and model this data each road segment in the county? The live traffic feed displays traffic by assigning or ranking sections of road and seems to be able to impute out to assign an average traffic value to the whole network, if I could do this for annual averages ADT and AADT that would be great!

I also have a dataset for ADT and AADT for the county and could theoretically impute it out for the road network using kriging (see: A Kriging based spatiotemporal approach for traffic volume data imputation) since I do not have the option of utilizing a more advanced platform such as MATSIM for this project... I don't know if similar tools exist in ArcPRO... if they do, let me know.

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Network Analyst works with network datasets that model the connectivity and attributes of the road networks. The type of attributes that Network Analyst works with are "costs" that can be minimized for finding a shortest path. Network dataset's can model historic "costs". Generally this is the free flow travel time on an edge as well as the slow down based on a time profile. So the historical traffic is about the change in the travel time NOT the volume of cars going by which is what ADT models. The live traffic maps that you see are based on slow downs on various roads. The traffic volume can be one way to infer the slow downs but that is not the goal of network analyst. It consumes traffic slow downs for travel costs per road segment.

You can read more on this topic here:

What is traffic data?—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

BTW, it was not clear from your post what you wanted to achieve with traffic volumes data.

Jay Sandhu

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