How can i determinate the correct Edge1FCID for a Turn Feature Class ?

06-12-2011 06:24 AM
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I want to create a turn feature class with turn penalties and turn restrictions.
I created a Feature Class with the geometries and all necessary colums.
I assumed, that the Edge1FCID (and Edge2FCID...) refers to the SourceID of the corresponding Feature Class which can be queried by
d = arcpy.Describe("VDRM_ND")
for es in d.EdgeSources:
...   print es.sourceid,

Links   1   EdgeFeature
VDRM_ND_Junctions   3   SystemJunction

But using this Value 1 for the Edge1FCID and Edge2FCID results in an error when building the network.
So i created a new test-Turn Feature Class (with the CreateTurnFeatureClass or manually in ArcCatalog), then start editing and added manually an arbitraty turn by drawing a line in that test turn feature class. Here i found, that in the attribute table of that turn feature class the Values for Edge1FCID and Edge2FCID took the value 870.
Why 870???
Then i calculated in my 'normal' turn feature class Edge1FCID = 870 and Edge2FCID = 870 and tried to build the network dataset again. With the value 870 everything worked fine.

So - is there any other way to determine the Edge1FCID , which can be queried using arcpy?

Thanks in advance for any help,
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I forget to notice, that i am using ArcGIS 10 SP 2
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