High Density VPR

02-29-2024 04:32 PM
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 I am still at the beginning of a large-scale route optimization project. 

Without mentioning names, I previously used other platform/tool for high density VPR. It was a great and easy to use tool. So, I am familiar with all the constraints and inputs considered in high density VPR. It can be configured as simple or complex as needed.


I am still new to network analysis. I am trying to figure out the network dataset part first. I haven't thought about it well so I'd appreciate all input. I was thinking about finding online classes. I need to learn how to create and configure network datasets because they are the mose important component that can be applied to many probelms.


I already have the regional road network dataset published by our regional GIS joint authority. Plugging it into ArcPro isn't working properly. I created a column for time cost which was missing in the original set. However, when I config the network dataset in ArcPro it was allowing me to only choose distance as cost. Then somehow I figured out how to add time cost instead of length but not both. I used packaged network datasets when I was going to school but never had this issue before.


Then, after I figure out the network dataset (or end up using Esri's credits), I will plug in my data which is nicely cleaned and scrubbed. I have all delivery sites as parcel center points. And I have all vehicles (routes) classified according to multiple attributes which I will process in batches (sections).


Each vehicle has a capacity and each site has a delivery value based on geographic section. I have multiple depots identified and their operational hours identified. I also have basic crew constraints.


Basically, I want the calculation to be mostly based on capacity and traveling cost.


Another question: do you think I'll need to create lines that connect to edges (I forgot what they're called) in order to distinguish between street and alley deliveries? (given that all of my pickups are right-side only)

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 forgot to ask this: I also need to learn doing all this in Python - or at least produce all datasets. So, any packages or resources by coding community are highly appreciated 🙂

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This tutorial and this presentation video might be helpful for learning how to take your street data and make it a network dataset. 


As for distinguishing between street and alley deliveries, Network Analyst solvers will locate to the closest street geographically unless you prepopulate the location fields. Here is some documentation on the locating story. 

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