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03-05-2012 03:58 PM
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I am trying to execute the service area function.
I took a shapefile of streets and created a new network dataset.
I am not sure why but I cannot seem to be able to carry out any functions with this dataset.

The functions are grayed out, and the drop down arrow in the network analyst window is empty.

I have my network analyst extension turned on.

Could somebody please help me with this?[ATTACH=CONFIG]12429[/ATTACH]
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Did you enable Network Analyst extension in ArcMap? Customize menu > Extensions.

Since you you've managed to create a network dataset, you should have the extension licensed so it's just left to enable it in ArcMap.
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I have installed Business Analyst and authorized it, yet the extension is still grayed out.  I have called and talked to the service team to no avail.  Has anyone else had a problem with this and if so how did you fix it.

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What is grayed out? the BA extension? The network analyst Make route analysis layer type of tools?
If it is the latter, you need to add some street network dataset like the streetmap to ArcMap to make them active.

Jay Sandhu
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Try the following steps:

Step 1: close ArcMap/BA and then try opening the application "Address Coder". This will start the initialize the arcObjects and other things needed to activate the BA Extension. The "Demo Mode" should pop up if the BA is not running. Cancel and close out of that. Open the BA Analyst and activate the Business Analyst and Network Analyst extension.

If there is any error when trying the initialize "Address Coder":
Remove the BA software. Then, repair the US DATA from the BA update and reinstall BA. After the reinstall go back to step one.

Hopefully this will resolve your problem.

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Enable the Network Analyst License, this should "light up" the Network Analyst Tool Bar.

Load Facilities into your service area by R-click and choosing a point FC/Shapefile to be your facilities.

Facilities need not be snapped to a road network but a search distance to the network can be specified.

Without Facilities you cannot "Solve" for Service Areas.

If you have no options in your Network Dataset drop-down then you have no valid Network Dataset loaded.
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