Geometric networks, weights, and Find Connected tracing

03-24-2016 09:50 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have created a geometric network against a dataset of gas features, and am looking to implement something akin to a valve isolation trace (valves are junctions in the data model).  To accomplish this, I created 1 type of weight in the geometric network definition, and called it ValveIsolation, with a type of Integer.  I associated this weight with only 1 feature/field...the valve ID field.  I know that all valve ID values are 7 and above, and from my readings on weights, I am assuming that any junction feature that is not associated with this particular ValveIsolation weight definition would return a value of 0 if asked for that weight during tracing.  With that assumption, my thought was that I could accomplish the valve isolation trace within ArcMap using the Utility Network Analyst toolbar by placing a Junction Flag on any junction other than a valve and then, in the Weight Filter option for the trace, setting the Junction Weight to ValveIsolation and setting the weight filter simply to 0 (if all junctions other than valves return 0 for this weight, then the trace should go through all junctions but stop at valves).  However, this is not the behaviour that I am seeing.  When I attempt to run this Find Connected trace, I get no results.  If, in the Weight Filter options, I toggle 'Not', the Find Connected trace does go out a bit...but I do not understand why.  It does not get to any stops before them...and it is not stopping at features for which the Enabled flag is False.

Is my understanding of weights and their use in Find Connected traces incorrect?  If so, what is it that I am misunderstanding, and how should I be configuring weights to properly accomplish what I've described above?

Thanks for any assistance.

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