features to flags, and saving flags

08-04-2011 03:02 PM
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Is it possible to generate junction and edge flags from a point feature class, and then save the flags? 

I want to identify numerous stream segments in river networks throughout a region.  The stream segments I wish to select contain biodiversity values which are upstream from an identified location on the network. 

I had created a point feature class with the locations.  I am now using the trace upstream tool on the network analyst toolbar to identify the stream segments upstream from these locations. I have to place a junction/edge flag on every location for which I have already created a feature class.  Is there a quick way to convert my feature class of points to flags, and then can I save those flags?

Being new to Network Analyst I may going about this all the wrong way.  Thanks in anticipation.

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Hey Lucy,

I am afraid such option is not available out-of-the-box. My suggestion is to search for any add-ins or scripts written that might help you.


Otherwise, you might try to get using sinks and sources based on feature classes:

Good luck.
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I am using the HEM Add-On tool which converts points into flags in ArcGIS 10, and it works great.

Here is some online documentation:

Hydrography Event Management (HEM) Tools New Features as of FY2011 - Additional new functionality includes a stand-alone tool to convert any point feature into network flags in order to do network analysis...

It was developed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) with input from EPA and USGS. The HEM tool and associated documentation are available for download from: http://nhd.usgs.gov/tools.html
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Great links, thanks for sharing them. Hope they will prove useful to Lucy.
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Keep in mind these tools are for "geometric" networks and not Network Analyst.

Geometric networks are for modeling utility (electric, sewer) and stream networks where flow direction and upstream and downstream concepts are modeled. You can interact with the geometric networks with the utility network tool bar.

This forum is intended primarily for Network Analyst that operates on a Network Dataset and is geared for transportation networks.

Jay Sandhu
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At 10.1 (now in beta) flags and barriers are saved in the mxd with the utility network toolbar.
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