Extract / Clip Road network by distance from a point

12-06-2011 05:01 AM
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Hello Everyone,
I need to clip a road dataset from a certain distance (900 ft, 1800 ft & 2700 ft) of a point (School). I can't find any tool that will do the job. I don't have access to Network Analyst. Is there any other tool I can use?
Thank you all in advance.
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There are a couple things you ca do.  You can use the Select by Location tool to select the roads based upon a defined search distance.  If you school point is part of a larger file then you can select the single point and chose the  option to use the selected features.

The second option is to buffer the point using the Buffer tool or the Multiple Ring Buffer tool.  The you can clip your roads based upon the resulting buffer polygons.
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Thank you so much for your reply.
I did try both of the options. But it didn't give me exactly what I wanted. What I need to have is: Extract 2700 ft of all the roads from the school. (Not all the roads that are within 2700 ft).
Sorry if I didn't explain clearly earlier.
Thanx again.
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